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100PC Steampunk Nail Art Brass Cogs And Gears

100PC Ultra-thin Steampunk Nail Art Brass Gears, Mechanical Miniature Watch Parts Gears.


This lot has a mixture of 100 gears and parts as shown in the pictures, they measuring approximately 4mm 6mm and 8mm in diameter They are idea for making your nails .

100pcs picked at random.

You can also use them to decorate your home, mobile phone's case, glasses, hand made cards, body art, etc. etc. loads of different uses.

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Brass Base Steampunk Tesla Tube 9V Light Up Core

9V Light Up Core Steampunk Tesla Tube, radio tube, tesla tube, one tube All purpose tubes , tesla tube tesla coil, vacuum tube,radio tube Electrogun tube, any and various useof your steampunk, mad scientist and cosply costume needs.

. Five and one half inches tall, base of one and one quarter Incorporate and attach to your gadgetry. NEW 9 vdc power.

Project pack includes 1 x tube with 12in wire leads

Battery Connetor
1 x 9vdc battery connector
light soldering required