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steampunk robot made from brass blow torch and vintage spanners a fantastic retro robot standing 19.5 inched/50cm tall. This is Gladstone one of the original Victorian water works robots. Built in the early steampunk years, they were designed to look after the running of water pumping stations. These mechanical marvels would work with relentless efficiency keeping the pumping station working. Each pumping station would of had two of these types of robots though none of them were ever the same. Along with them there would of been a pump house keeper to oversee the robots and to do routine maintenance on each robot.

Lt Berite Brassbuckle

steampunk robot made from brass blow torch and vintage spanners a fantastic retro robot standing 19.5 inched/50cm tall. This is Lieutenant Bertie Brassbuckle of the first battalion of luft rangers of the world luft patrol. Lt Bertie was built to help with piloting the new luft patrol air ships of the day. Normally they would help out flying the ship during the night while the crew would sleep. During the day Lt Bertie would make sure that the maintenance of the air ship was carried out. On one morning the captain asked Lt Barite if he had had a gas leak in the night on the bridge. But Lt Bertie replied that it wasnt him and he thought it might have been the second in command.

Giphoscope n° 64

Tailor-made for Steampunk Junkies; the base is made of 300 year old Italian walnut; the metal frame is in burnished & brushed brass; screws are covered with burnished brass; double disks iron + brass; burnished brass handcrank. Free delivery worldwide.

Made with true passion and attention to details, and would certainly be a conversation starter!

See it in action:



"Column Cap" Burned Wood Carved Steampunk

Burned wood carved (fir), hornbeam base

Cogs, gears and spring

Single copy, handmade

All the units stemming from mechanism of fob, alarm clock, clock are authentic and old

"Lamp base springs" Sculpture Steampunk Vintage

Sculpture steampunk

Lampstand ptrole copper

Spring, cogs and gears pocket or clock

Mechanisms and watch dials

Unique, handmade

All pieces from mechanism pocket, alarm clock, clock are authentic and old

Steampunk Goddess Porcelain Wall Mask

This goddess porcelain wall mask is sculpted and adorned with homemade stamps and all sorts of shapes and snakes. She's been twice fired. Washed with iron oxide to bring out the details. Ready to hang in your house or garden. Signed and dated.

SteamPunk WoMan

I love SteamPunk! This lovely Lady is hand sculpted from porcelain. Twice fired. Washed with iron oxide and then glazed. She's ready to hang in your garden or house. Signed and dated.

Steampunk fishing lure

This is a one of a kind piece of steampunk art. This is my interpretation of a Steampunk fishing lure.