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1910 Valkyrie Airplane

This one of a kind replica aircraft would be a perfect addition to any advanced collection of historical aircraft. Or would be ideal as a singular display in an airport terminal, museum, or private collection.

Horatio Barber was one of aviations true pioneers. His series of Pusher Monoplanes called Valkaries were well known in England in the pioneer era leading up to the Great War. He built several models with different engines, the most powerful was able to carry a pilot and two passengers. The Valkyrie was the first European aircraft to make a commercial flight carrying a box of General Electric Osram lamps from Shoreham to Hove for £100 pounds sterling, $2,500 USD today.

While almost 30 Valkyrie aircraft were built, sadly non servive.

This detailed replica, began in the 1980s, was built to fly but to date, has remained on the ground. Over 3,000 skilled man hours and over $15,000 in materials have been spent building the one and only replica of this historically significant areoplane.

Seriously interested parties may contact Brian Coughlin 315-436-2217

Located in Cazenovia, NY at private air strip.

Dissasembly and crating services are available.

Crew: 1 Capacity: 1 passenger Length: 26 ft Wingspan: 31 ft Wing area: 168 sq ft Empty weight: 550 lb Powerplant: 1 × 65 HP Continental

Railroad lamp

Old rusty but in great condition.

Steampunk Octopus Magnet

Steampunk Magnet with an Octopus coming out of porthole. Made of clay and clockwork pieces, along with some other metal accents. The Octopus is holding a long metal rod in his hand, reminiscent of a conductor's baton.