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Nixie Button Desk Ornament

A nixie tube based 'plasma globe' toy that glows in response to anything conductive touching the outer glass.

The main feature though is when touched it will operate a low-voltage relay for about a second which can be used to interface to your own project or connect to a PC motherboard to switch a computer on/off. Activating your missile launch sequence is also possible but not recommended.

Supplied as a kit of all parts required, it will take most constructors around 30-60 minutes to assemble and includes an IN-1 nixie tube, USB lead, suitable UK plug mains to 5V adapter and phenolic laminate case parts.

Complete PCB assembly, case part sanding and polishing skills required. You can find the assembly instructions at

Handmade Pipe Lamp With Edison Style LED & Filament Bulbs Using Old Radio Parts

This pipe lamp is constructed from very sturdy one inch diameter black malleable iron pipe fittings and sits on a
heavy industrial wooden base. Each lamp is unique in character as the vintage parts used are
difficult to obtain and no two lamps will be the same.


Solid 1 inch Black Iron Malleable Pipe Construction
Rotary Gate Valve On/Off switch
Edison Style LED Valve Light Bulb
Edison Style Filament Valve Light Bulb
Retro Look Red Braided 3 Core Power Lead (1 metre)
Solid Industrial Wooden Base
Vintage Pressure Gauge
Radio Parts from Vintage Roberts Radio
1930's radio pre-set / trimmer Capacitor / Condenser
Solid Copper Tag Hand Stamped with Model and Serial Number
Fully PAT Tested and Complete With Pass Label
Completely Hand built

Mission Statement

The AndyPal brand is quite simple, to make good quality SteamPunk lamps that will look great and last for years to come.

- AndyPal Lamps 2018 -

A unique engineered true steam punk lamp

A truly one of a kind piece, this steampunk light was originally a university teaching aid on steam combustion. Standing 6ft tall, this fully restored lighting sculpture offers something different to the collector.

A mixture of brass, wood and metal we have enhanced the surface texture to convey the engineered qualities of this piece. Bulbs & Dimmer included, the controlled lighting of this object creates ambiance to the right environment.

The dimensions below relate to the depth of base (footprint) and height.

I can deliver free within a 250 mile radius (Perth, Scotland)
Alternatively I could make a crate to ship anywhere.

handmade steampunk lamps, hand carved wooden stems, hand painted, made with shotgun shells,car parts,copper pipe and anything else i find useful.

Victorian look steampunk lamp, made with hand carved wooden stem, copper pipe and metal lantern with copper wire coil for decoration.

Steampunk Twin Copper Table Lamp

Steampunk Vintage Copper Pipe Light
This is a very unique and unusual item, crafted and designed
to suit any business or room We present to you a two bulb handcrafted lamp made of pure copper. Thanks to the combination of this noble material and warm light of Edison-styled lightbulb and small halogen bulb our product is a unique addition to any interior. Each lamp bulb has a unique style, the Edison bulb is surrounded by a solid copper wire cage and the other low voltage bulb is enclosed by a Jawbox Gin glass spirit bottle brewed in Ireland, labelled with its own Steampunk Logo which can be easily removed for bulb replacement. Both lamps has a switch for ease of use with an extra long cable.

The lamps voltage and plug is to suit 240 Volts


Additional information:
We recommend our vintage filament
bulbs for its absolutely unique
character. However, halogen or regular
filament bulbs are also suitable.

Steampunk Industrial DIY Floor Lamp #1

Handmade steampunk lamp made from galvanized pipe pieces, covered with antirust spray.
Great industrial design.
The metal tube connector parts can be moved to desired angle.
The red valve is for cosmetic purposes only.
Light bulb can be turned on and off using the included cable switch.

Industrial Steampunk Bottle Metal Lamp With Working Gears And Bike Chain

Handmade steampunk lamp made from galvanized pipe pieces, covered with antirust spray.
Great industrial design.
Spray painted black with red details.
The red valve is for cosmetic purposes only.
Light bulb can be turned on and off using the included cable.

Bat Wing I

this is a working lamp made from a vintage flex-neck desk lamp with a pitch fork used as a shade.