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Steampunk Watch Movement Cufflinks Wedding Groom Mens gift ideas Cuff links Best Man Gift for Him Birthday gift Silver cufflinks Mens gears

Handmade Steampunk cuff links .Vintage watch movements are 5/8 inch ( 16 mm) diameter. Will make a wonderful gift or just something special for yourself. If you need more then 1 pair - please contact me.
Comes in a gift bag.

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Shipping from Europe is about 14-16 business days and I send only insured shipping with the Tracking Number at no additional charge.
If you would like Express shipping - please, contact me before you place the order. It's available only with DHL from here.
lot 108 - A-ABB

Steampunk book locket necklace with watch movement and Swarovski crystals, Birthday, women gift ideas photo locket necklace silver locket

Handmade Steampunk book style silver plated locket necklace .Vintage watch movement is 3/4" long and the locket is 7/8" long and 3/4" wide.
It hangs from 24" of silver plated steel chain, there is a lobster claw clasp at the back .
The locket opens out to reveal two sections for photos.
Comes in a gift bag.
I have book lockets with other Swarovski colours and with no stones ( just click the link below)
More colour options :
Shipping from Europe is about 14-16 business days and I send only insured shipping with the Tracking # at no additional charge.
If you would like Express shipping - please, contact me before you place the order. It's available only with DHL from here.

lot 107

Steampunk Mechanical Butterfly Winged Key with Dragon Eye KP12

Serious as an electrical jolt, this winged key has a complex, unknown quantity vibe to it. The varieties of defense mechanisms which could be potentially built into a piece like this one, are probably not the subject of polite discourse over dinner. The steampunk enthusiast wearing this striking pendant knows for sure it's going to engender lots of attention and curiosity. At the very least, it is a conversation piece extraordinaire!

Overflowing with attitude and vintage mechanical parts, as well as a vivid blue/gold dragon's eye with a construct over its pupil (apparently for focusing purposes), this key doesn't care whether or not it's the most gorgeous flying mechanical key in the world (although some may well consider it so), because it probably eats those other pretty little keys for breakfast.

Wear with pride, and perhaps a bit of caution.

The pendant measures 3 1/2" in length x 2" in width, and comes equipped with a sturdy 24" chain. If you desire a different length chain, please convo me at the point of sale with your preferences and I shall do my best to accommodate them.

Steampunk Feathered Mad Moon Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball Necklace PN48

There is a masquerade ball with a steampunk theme coming up, and Moon has gone slightly mad (in a good way) preparing for it.

She wears a headdress consisting of a large silver toned gear and a lovely long plume. Along the centre of this silvery feather are layered a lovely selection of vintage, silver and gold toned, watch gears set in descending sizes, one of which sports a sparkling Swarovski crystal. Swinging from her forehead is a fabulous mask which has been lightly brushed with an iridescent glaze for that all-important, rainbow tinted sparkle, and which has also been embellished in its centre with another glittering Swarovski crystal Below her, she wears a pendant made from a crescent shaped piece of the inner workings of a vintage watch. In the centre of the crescent sits a rare, vintage, Bakelite typewriter key. The symbols on the key resemble the moon herself in both full and waxing stages, and serve as a hint to her identity for anyone who might not recognize who she truly is beneath her frilly edged mask. From the lower edges of the crescent pendant dangle both a padlock and a key. The upper portion of the key has been embellished with a golden gear and a vintage, glass cabochon glowing in soft, subtle, pale blue tones.

The pendant measures 3" long x 2 1/4" wide, and hangs from a 22" chain, including the gear connector. If you desire a different length of chain, please convo me at checkout as to your preference, and I shall do my best to accommodate your wishes.

Black Victorian Heart & Blue/Violet Winged Dragonfly Earrings with Black Celtic Knot Keys and Vintage Blue/Violet Cabochons HTE1

Darkly beautiful, sophisticated and eye-catching, these are heart themed earrings with an unexpected twist...

Delicately scrolled, Victorian style, black glazed hearts form the perfect backdrop for dainty, highly detailed, black bodied dragonflies. The dragonfly's wings have been painstakingly hand glazed in tones of rich blue and violet. Below the hearts dangle lovely black keys with Celtic knots at their tops. In the centres of the knots are stunning, vintage, glass cabochons. They glow with rich, deep blue and violet colours, depending on the angle at which they are viewed.

The earrings measure 2 " in length x 1" in width.

Steampunk Fantasy, Colourful Winged Crescent Pendant, with Victorian Style Clock Hands, Celtic Knotted Hearts and Vintage Fire Opals HTN37

This steampunk fantasy piece begins with a silvery crescent pendant to which hand glazed, intricately detailed wings have been affixed. They glow with rose and amethyst tones. Between them in the centre of the crescent is a rare, glass, vintage rose/orange fire opal. From the loops at the bottom edge of the crescent dangle a lovely assortment of Victorian style clock hands topped with either sparkling stars or hand glazed, rosy, Celtic knotted heart beads. Three of the clock hands have been embellished with vintage, glass, pinfire opals glimmering with fiery little lights.

The pendant measures 4 1/2" in length x 3" in width and is equipped with a very special 24" chain consisting of spring-like segments alternating with silvery links, and a lovely toggle clasp.

Gothic Winged Earrings with Iridescent Glaze & Rare Vintage Black Fire Opals ERG60

Unique and glowing with vibrant colours these earrings will definitely light up your ears!

They start with rainbow tinted metallic beads, which are connected to iridescent glazed, gothic style wings. Between the sweep of each set of wings is another metallic bead, this time with a coppery sheen, and then below them dangle the most stunning, rare, vintage, glass, black fire opals! Handmade in Germany between 1945-1950, they are quite unique and rare, with no two exactly the same. Although one opal seems warmer in tone than the other, they do each have a blue violet sheen on their surfaces that tends not to come through as well in photos as it does in person. This sheen serves as a unifining element for these stones, despite the differences in the internal colours of each opal. Altogether, the various elements in these earrings add up to an explosion of rainbow colours that glint and shimmer in the light. They are mesmerising!

The earrings measure 1 1/2 " in length x 3/4" in width.

Smiling Moons & Sparkling Stars Earrings ERG58

Silvery and sparkly, these fun earrings are just overflowing with whimsy. Adorning their bottom edges, each earring features three smiling moons alternating with faceted crystal beads glimmering in rainbow colours. In the centres are four shooting stars in fixed positions and dangling from each one is another swaying tiny star.

Perfect for the one who appreciates sparkles and smiles.

They measure 2 " in length x 1" in width.

Steampunk Moon and Silver Bird Earrings ERG53

Beneath the soft gazes of these Steampunk inspired moons swoop tiny silver birds; one flies up and the other down.

These glinting pieces of loveliness are comprised of several layers of shining decorative gears fronted by gently smiling moon faces, and backed with antique silver toned filigrees.

They measure 1 3/4" long x 1" wide.

Steampunk Flying Heart Pendant Necklace HTN26

The silver toned, shining, winged heart in this two piece pendant has been embellished with two unique pieces of vintage watch parts to give the wings a mechanical appearance. The feathered portions of the wings have been brushed with an iridescent glaze to give them some extra sparkle and colour.

Below the heart dangles a round setting with a vintage typewriter placed into it. The centre of the key has been embellished with three vintage watch gears, and atop them rests a lovely, vintage glass cabochon. It glows in a rainbow of hues.

This pendant measures 1 7/8" in length x 1 3/8" in width and hangs on a 16" chain. If you wish a different length chain, please convo me at the point of sale, and I shall do my best to accommodate your wishes.

Steampunk Dragonfly Moon Pendant Necklace PN45

Across the midnight sky regal Moon soars and softly smiles as she lives her steampunk fantasy, garbed in shimmering dragonfly wings, crowned with shining layers of gears, and leaving the sparkling stars spinning in her wake.

This gal clearly knows how to live!

This pendant begins with a black glazed oval filigree which has been finished with an antique silver flower filigree with a rainbow Swarovski in its centre. On top of the filigree are layers of both bronze and silver toned decorative gears. In the centre of this assemblage rests a gorgeous dragonfly which has been hand glazed in several colours ranging from black to aqua, to clear light blue. The wings have been further embellished with an iridescent glaze that causes them to shimmer subtly in a rainbow of shades. A gently smiling silver plated moon rests over the dragonfly's head, and her forehead has been accented with a tiny, clear, sparkling Swarovski crystal. On the spokes of the furthermost gear are steampunk stars comprised of two layers of golden and silvery vintage watch gears, and in the centres of each one is a clear Swarovski crystal exactly like the one on the Moon's forehead. Below the tip of the dragonfly's tail dangles a silvery star with a softly glowing, vintage, pale blue cabochon.

The entire pendant has been coated with several layers of clear acrylic to protect all of the finishes. It measures 1 5/8" in length x 5/8" in width.

Honey Bee Love, Victorian Style, Black, Open Heart & Golden Honey Bee Earrings with Vintage, #8Typewriter Keys - Good Luck/Love ERG50

Within the lovely scrolled outlines of these black glazed hearts rest two highly detailed honey bees. Their bodies are softly golden in colour, and their wings have been lovingly brushed with iridescent glaze, causing them to shimmer in a rainbow of tones. Above them, like drops of glistening honey are bright, sparkling, amber crystal beads. Below the hearts are two, vintage, #8 keys from old typewriters dating from the 30's. The number 8 reflects the shape of the bee's bodies above them and, according to Chinese numerology, is a an auspicious number equated with good luck and being associated with good fortune and success.

These earrings measure 2" in length x 1" in width.