Towel rack model-B

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!!!!WELCOME TO MY BRAND NEW SHOP !!!! (first-time seller on Etsy)

You are looking at Towel rack model-B

Add a vintage industrial/ steampunk touch to your bathroom or bar
with this exceptionally well-crafted, high-end towel rack.
This is to be considered more like 'art' than a consumer good.
In this day and age, a brand is everything and I'm working very hard to make mine stand out. That being said you will notice that mine is embedded in much of my work.

It all starts with an idea in my head. I then convert that idea into a 2D or 3D model.
All the parts except what I buy at the local hardware store is designed, CNC machined. resin cast, assembled and painted by me.

The main panel is made of MDF wood and cut with my CNC machine.
The round end plates, pipe clamps and top flourish with embedded logo are made of resin and are my own design.
The rivets are also made of resin and glued to the main panel one at a time.
3/4" steel pipes are used for a more rugged look over 1/2" pipes.
The texturing (cast iron imitation) on the main panel and the resin parts is my own secret recipe which I carefully paint afterward using different blends of gold, silver and black using the dry brush technique. (tedious work :) )

Product Details:

Dual bars to hang more towels
Overall Size: 43-5/8" [1108 mm] Wide X 16-15/16" [431 mm] High
X 9-1/8" [232 mm] Deep
Style: Victorian, Steampunk, Industrial
Materials used: MDF wood, resin, and steel pipes
Installation Type: Wall mounted (comes with plastic wall anchors and screws with fake plastic bolt head caps to hide the screws)
Assembly Required: No

Other styles of towel and/or coat racks in the same spirit as this one are also available, check them out too.
If you need to change the colors of your item, no problem, just raise your hand.
Furthermore, I'm open to doing custom designs but that would be considered commission work and the price would reflect this accordingly. Most likely much higher.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and thank you for passing by and taking a look at my work. -Frank

Also, check out my website for other crazy stuff including insane kinetic work. This is a start-up so, not everything is in place yet but it's getting there one step at a time.

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Price: US$ 411
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Category: Furniture
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