Steampunk Wedding Hat Victorian Top Hat Mens Women...

Grand Total: US$ 107 (delivery+cost)
Category: Hats
Country: Russia
Size Not fixed sizes

This is Handcrafted Steampunk Top Hat, Victorian Top Hat with genuine leather belt and metal buttons with Victorian emblem. Womens Hat and Mens hat in Steampunk style. Hat cylinder with metal buttons Victorian emblem on leather belt. Decorated with genuine leather. Metal accessories is the color of old bronze. We can make personalized hat for you.

This is full sized top hat, not mini hat.

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Price: US$ 85
Delivery: US$ 22
Category: Hats
Country: Russia
Size Not fixed sizes
Weight Weights vary
Seller: SteampunkHatMaker
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Steampunk and Victorian top hats and walking sticks stylized old bronze and copper. Steam punk accessories.