Steampunk Twin Copper Table Lamp

Grand Total: US$ 125 (delivery+cost)
Category: Lighting
Country: India
Size (cm) 22.86 x 60.96 x 22.86
Weight 1.5 lb

Steampunk Vintage Copper Pipe Light
This is a very unique and unusual item, crafted and designed
to suit any business or room We present to you a two bulb handcrafted lamp made of pure copper. Thanks to the combination of this noble material and warm light of Edison-styled lightbulb and small halogen bulb our product is a unique addition to any interior. Each lamp bulb has a unique style, the Edison bulb is surrounded by a solid copper wire cage and the other low voltage bulb is enclosed by a Jawbox Gin glass spirit bottle brewed in Ireland, labelled with its own Steampunk Logo which can be easily removed for bulb replacement. Both lamps has a switch for ease of use with an extra long cable.

The lamps voltage and plug is to suit 240 Volts


Additional information:
We recommend our vintage filament
bulbs for its absolutely unique
character. However, halogen or regular
filament bulbs are also suitable.

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Price: US$ 46
Delivery: US$ 79
Category: Lighting
Country: India
Size (cm) 22.86 x 60.96 x 22.86
Weight 1.5 lb
Seller: Kingbilly
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We design and reinvented Steampunk vintage Table Lamps. The lamps are made with up cycled quality
materials. All our designs are unique and every Lamp is PAT Tested before it is shipped to our customers

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