Steampunk 1860 Confederate Le Mat Black Powder Rev...


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This is a non-firing full metal LeMat Revolver replica which has been Steampunked. The original pistol was a 9 chamber .41caliber black powder gun and also fired 1-20 gauge slug or buckshot. It has a weathered metallic finish with great details and distressed brown finished plastic hand grips which have been enhanced with small gears. The hammer can be cocked and the trigger will release but it will not fire anything. A simulated grappling hook is attached in the lower barrel. It is an arrowhead that has been dulled but still has a slight edge so it must be handled with care. The slug chamber will also rotate but can not be removed and the black powder packing device moves also. It is a prop or for display only. This pistol is a handful and weighs in at approximately 3.5 lbs. No stand or holster is included. Thanks for browsing.

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