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Silver Round Clockwork Steampunk Key Ring, Steampunk Watch Movement Key Ring, Gothic Key Ring, Vintage
Watch Ring, Steampunk Jewelry
This steampunk clockwork gold key ring will always remind you that time is the
most valuable resource.
This key ring features a watch movement from watch parts that are upcycled which makes this
piece of art so unique..
This lovely steampunk key ring comes with vintage watch movements that has moving cogs. If you
want to upgrade your outfit or your steampunk costume – this is the perfect choice for you!
This piece is perfect as a wedding, birthday or as a unique holiday gift.

The jewelry is packed in a treasure chest gift box that can be used for every occasion.
I have always admired the beauty of Watch movements, being a steampunk fan, I wanted to make
something that will combine both.
I use genuine watch movements crafted by a supplier in Russia, I up cycle them by hand and make
them unique.
I invite you to visit my shop and shop unique steampunk pieces:

If you have any question or any customization request, please feel free to contact me.
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