Round Cryptex - 16gb USB2


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This new Cryptex from Steampunk Junkies, instantly revolutionises the way you use and think about USB sticks. From the first turn of the gear, you will realise that this is no normal USB stick.

Only the owner of this item who knows the secret combination of positions for each of the four gears can open the lock and get access to the 16 GB USB flash drive locked inside.

Forged in the heart of our factories, this quality solid alloy USB stick will stand the test of time.

While in a steampunk style, it will also appeal to people who like gadgets that are different and/or focal points.

A great corporate gift idea: If you like to surprise your clients / employees, why don't you ask us for a customised batch of these little gems? They are so much more memorable than a calculator or mouse pad!

Size: cm
Material: metal
Logo imprint: laser engraving
USB Version: USB 2.0
Weight: 0.15 kg

More information:

Price: US$ 46
Delivery: US$ 14
Category: Electronics
Country: United Kingdom
Size (cm) 5.6 x 6.5 x 1.2
Weight 15 grams
Seller: SteampunkJunkies
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About the Artist:

We pride ourselves on offering the most awesome gadgets, gizmos, and just general Steampunk!

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Do you deliver in Italy?
We certainly do.

do o send to usa?
We certainly do. Just select USA as your destination. Thanks!

Do you deliver in Mexico?
We certainly do!

Do you deliver in Brasil
Hi. We certainly do!

Does everyone have a randomized Code or does everyone have the same
We have a selection codes we use for each batch, that we change at times to make new ones.

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