Ocular Enhancers

Grand Total: US$ 157 (delivery+cost)
Category: Costumes
Country: USA
Size Not fixed sizes

Made of vegetable tanned leather, and recycled brass these 100% hand stitched, dyed, and assembled Steampunk goggles will make a great addition to your collection.

The eye pieces are made of a thick vegetable tanned leather bolted to a rounded front. The outer edge is lined with a supple deer leather for added comfort. The shaded lenses work just like sunglasses, shading the sunlight while not being too dark to see through. The sides are decorated with salvaged, solid brass, clock parts.

The lenses are 52mm custom cut.

The left eyepiece has a chrome eye loupe attached that adds a working 5X magnification.

Unlike goggles made from plumbing parts, these goggles are not heavy! They are very comfortable, and I have worn them all day out at events.

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Price: US$ 145
Delivery: US$ 12
Category: Costumes
Country: USA
Size Not fixed sizes
Weight Weights vary
Seller: C_Steampunk
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