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A digital desk clock with 4 new-old-stock Nixie tubes, type ZM1000R. Red PCB version.

This Nixie tube clock is fitted with rare western made ZM1000R type Nixie tubes seated on their (even rarer) original sockets. The listed clocks are the last ones available. The 4 ZM1000R type Nixie tubes are all the same quality brand (Valvo, RTC, Philips) with equal internal construction. (Independent of the brand, the tubes I have were all made at the Philips Heerlen factory, Netherlands.)

Two custom-cut black anodized aluminum plates protect the user from touching the bare, still visible board. This gives the clock an industrial and 'geeky' look. The clock is hand-soldered, hand-assembled, and tested. It will keep track of time even with no power connected thanks to the large internal supercapacitor. It comes with a printed user manual and one-year limited warranty. You will need to provide your own 9VDC 500mA wall-plug power adapter with a standard 5.5mm/2.1mm circular connector.

Features and tech. specs:
- size (W×D×H) 100mm × 60mm × 59.5mm,
- power: 9VDC 500mA, standard 5.5mm/2.1mm circular connector (power adapter NOT included),
- timekeeping accuracy: better than 10ppm at room temperature (that's an error of less than 25 seconds per month - usually much less),
- timekeeping on power loss: min. 3 months,
- selectable 12/24-hour time format, selectable MM.DD or DD.MM date format
- gently crossfading digits on each display change,
- brightness of Nixie tubes is adjustable in 16 levels (for lower 8 levels digits do not crossfade),
- tubes are seated on their original sockets (which have a very firm hold) and are user-replaceable.
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