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Note: This is a DIY construction kit, not a finished board. This kit will include the 9 nixie displays needed for assembly.

The first and only Nixie-powered OXO (tic-tac-toe / noughts and crosses) in the world.
No plugs, Induction coils power the pieces right through the board.
A neat desk toy which takes up much less space than our chessboard but still very playable.

Supplied with five '0' (zero) pieces and four 'X' (Plus) pieces, '0' goes first and then take turns placing pieces anywhere you want on the board, they'll light up as soon as you put them down.

Back in a new easier to build through hole part design with IN-4 and IN-7 nixies as the 'O', only 40 of this version will be made available due to the limited number of parts available. These symbol nixie tubes are now in short supply and once they're gone, that's it. Game over.

Kit contents:

All PCBs and electronic components
4x IN7 nixies
5x IN4 nixies
10x Piece bases
Paxolin case parts and engraved board top - you'll need to fill in the engravings with a paint of your choice.
'Wall wart' power supply.

You'll need to supply sandpaper, paint for the engraved board and to colour the piece bases, basic tools including a good quality soldering iron and patience. You'll find the assembly instructions over at

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