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Category: Costumes
Country: USA
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The Cuban Heel Laced Jodhpur

These beautiful custom Jodhpurs are handmade with a flat (cuban) heel and are available in chocolate brown. These Jodhpurs are great for riding or polo. Dress them up or down you will stun everyone.

🐎 Popular with the salkey riders and the harness track
🐎 Top quality leather with soft tumbled leather lining throughout
🐎 Elastic gore inserts
🐎 Handmade at our shop in Laurel, Md (See more at http://www.kroopboots.com/)
🐎 Fits Womens 6 E
🐎 Ribbed Sole
🐎 Full Toe
🐎 Usually retails for $475
🐎 Great for motorcycles

They say they don't make them like they use to... These are made exactly how they use to.

We are concerned about your satisfaction, please let us know about any sizing concerns you might have. All sales are final.

First introduced in 1930, it has remained popular since. The history of the Jodhpur is up for debate, but its customarily thought that these boots were originally created during British occupied India. When the India summers became too hot for the traditional knee high riding boots the Jodhpur was created.

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Price: US$ 250
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Category: Costumes
Country: USA
Size Not fixed sizes
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