Commandeur Watch, White, Rose or Yellow Gold

Grand Total: US$ 64380 (delivery+cost)
Category: Timepieces
Country: Spain
Size (cm) 4 x 4 x 1.5
Weight 216 grams

Gold weight: 216,00gr. Diamond Princess Cut: Brilliant 0,20kts: 6 x 0,029kts = 0,175kts sapphire crystal automatic machine for other measures price on this model has 2 belts 1 and another golden skin, easy to exchange

Price : 56,136 in white gold

52,309 in rose gold and yellow gold.

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Price: US$ 64380
Delivery: Free!
Category: Timepieces
Country: Spain
Size (cm) 4 x 4 x 1.5
Weight 216 grams
Seller: Joan Blazquez mas
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About the Artist:

Joan Blazquez is a prestigious jewelry artist and sculptor from the Mediterranean.

Over 40 years he has been designing, creating and exhibiting his art around the world.

An artist from head to toe. Charismatic, innovative, original in his work, but
above all an art addict, and a lover of sculpture and jewelry.

An impeccable artist with his timeless work; a consecrated firm remains free of outside influences and fads; a personal style with occasional nods to the Baroque sculpture, and tax the modernist architecture of Gaudi's genius.

Creator of a careful work down to the smallest detail, with the desire to reach audiences worldwide.

Blázquez Joan was born on April 5 of 195O in Tarragona; middle brother in a large family of Salamanca and humble origin, rooted in the old heart of the city which is now a World Heritage Site.

Growing up with its imposing Gothic cathedral, his eyes tend to look at art in every corner, and at the early age of 14, enters as an apprentice goldsmith workshop, forever being seduced by the world of jewelry.
Only a year later, and despite the obvious difficulties of such an undertaking, is setup on his own in a modest workshop, where she gives birth early works. Developing a personal technique sculptural base, he should be considered a real jeweler and sculptor.

Soon begin surveys at European level; the highest distinction awarded by the Conseil Europeen d'Art et d'Esthetique de Bruxelles in its twentieth edition; receives the "Medaille de Vermeil" with the rank of Commandeur, awarded by the Association des Artistes Professionnels Royale de Belgique.

That same year, performs various tasks for both official and popular character Tarragona public entities, incorporated the cultural heritage of his hometown.

Subsequently exposed several times in Barcelona, next to the large national jewelry,
and for the first time in New York, on Fifth Avenue, getting an excellent reception
from the critics. Fruit of the exhibition is the custom known multinational financial Merrill Lynch, located on Wall Street,
to create a sculpture inspired by its logo and a series of commemorative pieces of the anniversary of the signing.
In the 90s becoming the promoter and founder of the first school-goldsmith workshop in Cuba, opening the first center in Havana and a second based in Trinidad, in order to foster academic study of this artistic , which was nonexistent in Cuba.

There have been many proposals for work in various countries, although to date, Joan Blázquez has ignored the siren, true to his desire to stay on the Mediterranean, where your roots and inspiration.
Blázquez Joan is now a fully established artist with a long and recognized professional worldwide; designs and creates original, and once finished each work, the exhibits in their own establishments. Icon of timeless jewelry, has also made its mark on the creative watchmaking, having designed his own collection of jewel-watches, with over 80 different models; greatly emphasizes its latest creation, the Commandeur watch, stunning piece equipped with mechanisms to see it working, and small details that personalize and differentiate unprecedented clocks.

Joan Blázquez, Mediterranean creativity dressed in gold.

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