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Black Paisley Steampunk Waistcoat Costume Featuring Watch Movement Buttons Wedding

You cannot stop time, but you can wear it!
This one of a kind handcrafted Black waistcoat with watch movements buttons is the perfect choice
for stylish men, grooms and steampunk fans.
If you are going to a costume party here's a perfect Victorian style outfit.
It is featured with eight genuine upcycled Steampunk watch movement buttons with moving cogs,
manufactured in the UK.
This perfect steampunk waistcoat is made of cotton using brocade fabric with satin lining and a paisley pattern.
The back features an adjustable belt with a slider to ensure a good fit. The vest comes with a pocket
watch which adds an interesting detail.
The waistcoat is available in these colors: Black and White
I make these to order so if you need a specific size or colour for say a wedding let me know in a message and I can order in this stock for you very quickly within 2 weeks.

The waistcoat is available in the following sizes:

➔Size Small Fit Chest 34~36 | Fit Waist 28~30 Fit Arm 31.5~32 Length 34 3/4

➔Medium Fit Chest 38~40 | Fit Waist 32~34 Fit Arm 32.5~33Length36

➔Large Fit Chest 42~44 | Fit Waist 36~38 Fit Arm 33.5~35 Length 37 3/4

➔Xtra Large Fit Chest | 46~48 Fit Waist 40~42 Fit Arm 34.5~35 Length 39 1/2

The waistcoat is packed in a polythene bag
This item needs to be dry cleaned
Be careful not to tear the button hole when putting the watch movement button through.
If you have your own favourite waistcoat and you want it to be unique we have a solution for you!
Send us your waistcoat and we'll replace its buttons with our unique steampunk watch movement
ones. Contact us for more details.
I have always admired the beauty of Watch movements, being a steampunk fan, I wanted to make
something that will combine both.
I use genuine watch movements crafted by a supplier in Russia, I up cycle them by hand and make
them unique.
I invite you to visit my shop and shop unique steampunk pieces:

If you have any question or any customisation request, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you for visiting!

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