5-tube Nixie Clock V3 (DIY Kit, with Perspex and O...

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Category: Timepieces
Country: United Kingdom
Size Not fixed sizes

Functionally identical to our IN8-2/19 coppertop clock but much more affordable thanks to the lower cost nixies and featuring a Perspex cylindrical case with solid Oak end caps.

All interaction using IR proximity sensors - no buttons or remotes.
Single alarm
12/24 hour display
Display dim on/off times
GPS sync input possible
Seconds tick on/off
Variable seconds on/off
IR link to sync multiple clocks into one extended display
Low power less than 2W

Fitted with one IN-15 and four IN-12 nixies the PCB is fully visible through the clear plastic case and held in place by two solid machined paxolin end caps. There are no external controls, all functions being controlled by our infrared proximity control system.

The kit includes all parts required to build and use the clock, including a USB power supply and USB lead. Complete PCB assembly, case part sanding and polishing skills required.

The assembly instructions can be found at http://www.lasermad.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=23

NOTE the photographs show the earlier Teak ended version, this clock is identical except the cylinder ends are made of lighter Oak.

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Category: Timepieces
Country: United Kingdom
Size Not fixed sizes
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