5-tube Nixie Clock V2 Ready assembled with copper ...


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A limited edition version of our 5-tube clock.

Fitted with four IN-8-2 in place of the usual IN-14 tubes and heavy solid copper machined top and base panels only 40 of these will be available in total, shared between kits and ready built clocks.

All interaction using IR proximity sensors - no buttons or remotes.
Single alarm
12/24 hour display
Display dim on/off times
GPS sync input possible
Seconds tick on/off
Variable seconds on/off
IR link to sync multiple clocks into one extended display
Low power less than 2W

The base plate will be engraved with the clock's serial number from 1/40 to 40/40.

This is a ready to use clock, including a US power supply and USB power lead.

Operating instructions can be found at http://www.lasermad.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=103

More information:

Price: US$ 248
Delivery: US$ 33
Category: Timepieces
Country: United Kingdom
Size Not fixed sizes
Weight Weights vary
Seller: Lasermad
Quick URL: http://steamp.co/s/q4mek