Petromax Lamps, and Tripod Lamp

Yet another great bit of recycling from Absynthe Design. These are a set of light/lamps, created out of old land surveying stands, and Petromax lamps.

These particular Petromax lights, were made from a 1930’s model  – that looks something like this (as standard);

Petromax 1930 original

As you can see, it looks quite different once Abhisek has finished with it!

Lamps 2

He has delicately tweaked them, to bring them into the Steampunk world that we all know and love!

the other lights he created, were built from an old stand, that architects would have used, to put their instruments on (to check distances, and other details when planning buildings). Yet again, a great way to reuse something that would move likely have ended up on the scrap heap:

Lamps Illumination

Here are the full collection of images:

If you would like to find out more about these (and possibly purchase one), please visit his site: