Daily picks for 9th May 2019

Here are our selection for 9th May 2019. Enjoy!

Minion Fire Pit

We know you are going to love this collection of fire pits that we have put together for you. Weve even included a cute flameless version for your living room. There is something for everyone here so check them all out now

There is something about sitting around a fire with family and friends. Its relaxing watching the flames dance around and it really sets a mood. Its also a place to relax and unwind and wash the stresses of the day away.

Its a favourite past time for the vast majority of the population and everyone is always on the look out for an inexpensive way to create one for themselves and youll be happy to know there are some options.

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USB Drive by BasementFoundry

This USB drive is really one of a kind because when not in use it looks like a bottle stopper. Meanwhile, it glows blue while transferring data, reminding us of an old-fashioned divers helmet. Regardless of what you think it looks like, though, its one cool steampunk gadget!

Rostislav Zagornov

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Steampunk Dog Costume

Heres an excellent painting of a steampunk dog. Very nice! The artist is Splendid Beast and this painting is up for sale. Its hand painted oil on canvas, and it could be yours for only $99.

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