Daily picks for 8th Oct 2019

Here are our selection for 8th Oct 2019. Enjoy!

USB Drive by Derrick Culligan

Another classic is this USB flash drive by the Steamworkshop. It is made of reused copper sheets and tubing and a carefully placed coil. If not aware of the dimensions, one might mistake the flash drive for a sleek case for foldable glasses. – See more at: http://1800recycling.com/2011/05/incredible-recycling-steampunk-usb-flash-drives#sthash.OPf7umA6.dpuf

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Steampunk Gear

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Steampunk Tendencies – Victorian Style Iphone Handset

Miyazaki Steampunk Clock at NTV Shiodome, Tokyo.

This steampunk themed clock designed by the famous Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli is the largest animated clock in the world. The clock was completed in December 2006 after a design period of over four years.

The enormous copper clock is 12 metres high, 18 metres wide, and has extensive animations timed to music including firing steam cannon, moving figures, and moving legs like Howls Moving Castle.

The clock was built by sculptor Shachimaru Kunio who also built the giant Laputa robot on the rooftop of the Ghibli museum. Miyazaki said that he wanted to make something that would be loved by future generations that would last beyond his animated characters.

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Steampunk Motorcycle by Revatu customs

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