Daily picks for 7th Apr 2019

Here are our selection for 7th Apr 2019. Enjoy!

Steampunk Clock

Steampunk Clock. And he has a steampunk blog (In Spanish but lots of pics)

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Why the Free Bird Sings waterglobe

It started with a birdcage and the thought: how would a steampunk birdcage look? And I added an elaborate base, brass and hardware, then a weathervane made from a clock hand, just to balance the piece and draw interest to the top as well as base. I thought putting a bird inside the cage was too easy, so I decided to build a metal bird and let him be outside, so he had a choice. The bird came together well, and I found watch pieces that were left and right shapes that reminded me of wings, not bad. I found a metal bead for the body and a brass bead for the head. Nothing I had was right for the beak, so I fumbled around and decided to cut a cone-shape in half to make it work.

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Mk 4 Halberstadt Ray Gun

Steampunk style ray gun made from metal and brass small hand held peace great for steampunk costumes. The Dr the Halberstadt ray gun

This is a mark four ray gun made by the Halberstadt Company in Germany during the period from 1915 to 1917. It was made for the officers of the German army during this time and was ranked as one of the best ray guns the army hand ever received. Though only made in small numbers there are a few that come up for sale now and again finding one in this condition is a rare find. Though we do our best at PBRobots to try and restore them as best we can.

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By Alain Bellino

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Higland Park Bowl

89 years later, the 1933 Group have restored and revitalized the vintage bowling alley, transporting patrons into a different era with a steampunk vibe.

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