Daily picks for 6th Oct 2019

Here are our selection for 6th Oct 2019. Enjoy!

Spiral Staircase

If I had a library like that, I would ____________ (fill the blank)

Jules Verne – Restaurant Interior Design – Vladimir Piskariov

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Steampunk Girls

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Wow..from Steampunk Dreams.

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By Geoff Tomlin (UK), built in 1969

Electromechanical time/date nixie clock from Geoff Tomlin (UK), built in 1969. The only semiconductors used are diodes!

Time is counted by a synchronous motor and series of gears, operating rotary switches. Day is counted by a uniselector driving a diode matrix decoder for the day nixies. Month is counted by a uniselector driving the month wheel, and another uniselector is used to determine the number of days in the month. A modified impulse counter is used for the year. 12/24 hour display selectable via rotary switch top-left.

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