Daily picks for 6th Oct 2016

Here are our selection for 6th Oct 2016. Enjoy!

Michigan – Wing House – Constructed in 1875 – Photo : Bill Dolak

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Clockwork art by All Natural Arts

Pocket watches may be a thing of the past, but they are in no way any less beautiful. Just check out these repurposed antique pocket watches by New Jersey-based artist Sue Beatrice of AllNatural Arts. Beatrice recycles discarded parts like gears, cogs, screws, and sprockets, into whimsical sculptures inspired by nature and fantasy

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Trojan dog

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Steampunk Top Hat Black Velour Goggles

A nod toward edgy Steampunk with a spike studded hat band & a few skeletons. A row of watch gears surround the velour hat band, topped

with a clump of vintage feathers. Must have, hand painted, plastic goggles are removable. Size: OSFM, Velcro hat band added to approximate 22" circumference. Hat stand not included.

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Steampunk Workshop all-in-one PC

But why stop at just a monitor? How about a beautifully-modded 24″ widescreen monitor with an in-built Pentium IV motherboard and a 250 GB SATA drive. A stunning example of a fully-functioning Steampunk system.

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