Daily picks for 5th Feb 2019

Here are our selection for 5th Feb 2019. Enjoy!

Piece by AllNatural Arts

This beautiful piece was designed by Sue Beatrice, from “All Natural Arts”

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Floating boat (sky ship)

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Steampunk ray gun

Steampunk Lamp Light Industrial Art

Steampunk Lamp Light Industrial Art Machine Age Salvage Steam Gauge

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Steampunk AK (working)

This gun was created by Rogue Gunn Works which is an unusual gun shop that is very eclectic with a feel of steampunk meets mad max with a bit of class being put into it!

It is an actual real and working AK and when the clock is put into the magwell when you shoot it goes forward in time. It has bells and also lights that work on it and it is fully convertible too.some of the fixtures can be removed and others added on for different looks. it is a 7 color cerakote combination as well and it has real brass that has been melted and welded onto the rifle

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Don’t forget to check back tomorrow, for more awesome stuff!