Daily picks for 4th Oct 2019

Here are our selection for 4th Oct 2019. Enjoy!

Steampunk Mechanical Mod

Scrap metal sculptures by Edouard Martinet

Made from scrap metal – beautiful!

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The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading

The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 1887 designed by Rafael da Silva and Castro – Marcelo Nacinovic. Photos : Aaron Leiby

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Chambre De Commerce “The Chamber de Commerce”

the Chamber de Commerce alias Cdc is an absolutely fabulous Stock Exchange location, located in a busy city and surrounded by ugly concrete buildings. Only the four relative narrow passages are giving a small glimpse of what the inside of this beautiful queen has to shown. The current building is a reconstruction from 1872. The original building dates from 1531, this late Gothic styled stock market has been burned twice [1583 and 1858]. The CdC is built on top of an existing street intersection with originally no roof, only four covered streets, the still existing and impressive galleries. Around 1853 the square and galleries where covered with a dome modeled on the Crystal Palace in London.

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