Daily picks for 3rd Jun 2019

Here are our selection for 3rd Jun 2019. Enjoy!

steampunk spider

steampunk spider

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Steampunk USB Drive

Design by Absynthe Design

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Wooden Gear Clock Plans from Hawaii by Clayton Boyer

Genesis is the simplest clockworks I have ever designed, and is probably the world’s easiest clockworks to make. It is the perfect plan for the beginner wooden clockmaker. What makes it so much easier to build? First, there is no special weight pulley required, and yet the Genesis gets a full days run time on a single keyless wind. This design also saves cutting out a special set of motion train wheels for the hour hand (because these hands do not move!). Also the pendulum-crutch adjustment system is built into the frame requiring fewer parts to be cut out. Step-by-step instructions, with pictures, lead the builder through each part of the build.

The Genesis plan is available both as paper plans or in dxf format for builders who would like to cut their Genesis using CNC or Laser.

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Sculptor Mati Karmin Refurnishes Mines for Tables

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin has innovated a way for old Soviet naval mines to become usable furniture. From tables, to beds and even baby carriages, the rusted mines are recycled into steampunked home furnishings.

Unlike the traditional sculptor, Mati Karmin has previously created other war pieces; however, his recent works are so original and creative that it paves the way for newer and greater home furnishings. Being the product of once-explosive mines, the furniture now carries an emotional and historical element that will live on for decades.

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Flower Shop, Brussels… Designed by Paul Hankar, XlX Century

Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar, 19th century | Flower Shop, Brussels… Designed by Paul Hankar, XlX Century..

Art Nouveau Flower, Brussels Belgium, Shop Brussel, Storefront, Store Front, Flowershop, Shopfront

Flower Shop, Brussels, Belgium photo via ralf. Amazing, it looks like a wunderkammer florist shop!

Flower-shop, Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar, XIX century

plasticpony: Art nouveau flower shop, Brussels HOLY FUCK LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS IS

Brussels merris tuella flower shop…..art nouveau shop front

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