Daily picks for 3rd Jul 2019

Here are our selection for 3rd Jul 2019. Enjoy!

Illustration by Pierre Droal

Latest artworks of Vadim Voitekhovitch

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To the Pass by ~markmolchan

Steampunk Animal by James Corbett

Steampunk Animals by James Corbett, The Car Part Sculptor

James Corbett takes used card parts and, using them like pieces in a puzzle, creates amazing steampunk sculptures.

Corbett showed artistic talent ever since he was a little boy. Colleagues at his Redcliff school would always tell him hed grow up to be an artist. But, at 36 years old James was running a motor wrecking business. Thats when he started welding together a bunch of car parts and awakened the dormant talent inside. In just 18 months he closed his wrecking business and became a full-time artist.

James Corbet says he makes these original sculptures because he can and it would be a shame to waste his God-given talent. The Car Part Sculptor has exhibited his works in galleries all across the world.

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Victorian Mechanical Bugs – Whale Man

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