Daily picks for 31st May 2016

Here are our selection for 31st May 2016. Enjoy!

Artwork by 25kartinok

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Explosive Steampunked Furniture

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin has innovated a way for old Soviet naval mines to become usable furniture. From tables, to beds and even baby carriages, the rusted mines are recycled into steampunked home furnishings.

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Omega Chopper – Blackheads Mc Helsinki

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Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Goggles


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hand crafted leather Steampunk Goggles made to be some of the best available

All genuine leather, durable, carefully crafted, hand stitched and riveted

Top shelf leather was used to create this hat and extended experience in leather working along with quality craftsmanship guarantee an unique product that will last for a long time in great condition weather the item is used or displayed

Leave message for more details.

Display box and head stand not included.

please click www.dieselpunk.ro for updated models and even more pictures

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USB Drive by Will Rockwell

Flash! Divers salvaging the remains of the Nautilus have recovered what appears to be Captain Nemo’s personal flash drive, or Pocket Memory, as they were once called. Even more amazing, the device still functions. Given its look, this beautiful copper and brass creation from the workshop of Will Rockwell looks like it really could have been Captain Nemos flash drive. Can you count all the repurposed screws, rivets and gears?

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