Daily picks for 28th Sep 2018

Here are our selection for 28th Sep 2018. Enjoy!

By John Smout (UK)

I used some half silvered glass in front and a mirror on the back to give an infinity effect. This looks great when you move past the clock and see the parallax on the receding reflections. Better in real life – it’s hard to photo. I put the tubes on clear pedestals and these each have a neon inside that flicks across each second.

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Lights by “Steampunk Lighting”

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Tessaquinary Table Lamp

Tessaquinary Table Lamp: a hand-made steampunk styled lamp

Steampunk Biro Pen

Created from wood from all over the world – whitest hollywood, african blackwood, bloodwood, pink ivory, mahagony etc

Designed by Absynthe Design

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