Daily picks for 27th May 2019

Here are our selection for 27th May 2019. Enjoy!

Chasn Statham

A lovely photo-shoot with Chasn Statham

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steampunk chain table

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By Gerrit Gerritsen and Wim Wevers.(Switzerland)

The nixies used are Siemens ZM1040, from an old milling machine. The clock is connected to the Frankfurt Radio Time Signal. Behind the round lens you can see the “caesium source” lighting up bluish.. Because there was plenty memory available we can show: hours and minutes. seconds, year, software version, software issue date, time signal decoding And there was still memory left so we can also show pi up to 18000 decimals. You choose with the bakelite selector switches. Old voltmeter indicates kW and shows seconds… The wood is cherry wood.

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Sierra Stormborn – Daniel Lahaie Photography

Victorian Mechanical Bugs – Whale Man

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