Daily picks for 26th May 2018

Here are our selection for 26th May 2018. Enjoy!

Clockwork art by All Natural Arts

Pocket watches may be a thing of the past, but they are in no way any less beautiful. Just check out these repurposed antique pocket watches by New Jersey-based artist Sue Beatrice of AllNatural Arts. Beatrice recycles discarded parts like gears, cogs, screws, and sprockets, into whimsical sculptures inspired by nature and fantasy

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Steampunk Iron Man

Created by the talent at Prince Armory, the same team behind that awesome fantasy Darth Vader costume from earlier in the year, has gone a little crazy with this Iron Man outfit. Tony Stark is now Leather Man.

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“The Marquis” Keyboard

Drawing inspiration from my previous Ergo Keyboard, “The Marquis” has an elegant chaise-lounge inspired design with acanthus-leaf engraving on polished brass. This keyboard also features key lettering engraved on a mirrored gold acrylic.

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Asbury Discovery Center

Asbury Discovery Center, Hattiesburg, MS Zoo, Mississipi. “Engaging educational and events center for the Tortoise Exhibit of this children’s zoo”

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“Gunlass” – Dirigible Boarding Weapon – kruki99

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