Daily picks for 26th Aug 2017

Here are our selection for 26th Aug 2017. Enjoy!

Steampunk Cell Phones of Ivan Mavrovic

Croatian artist Ivan Mavrovic turns modern technology into steampunk gadgets that still retain their functionality.

In a world where everyone seems interested only in getting their hands on the latest futuristic designs when it comes to gadgets, some, like Ivan Mavrovic, prefer to look back in history, to the time of the Victorian era, when brass, copper and wood were the main ingredients that made things cool. But interlacing modern tech with steampunk design isnt easy, especially if you want to maintain functionality, but Croatian steampunk enthusiast Ivan Mavrovic does a fantastic job. Not only do his retro-cell phones look incredibly cool, but they also work as well as normal modern-day phones. They may not be as feature-full as todays smartphones, but his sturdy converted Nokia phones work perfectly and make gorgeous accessories.

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Pair of Steampunk “Bracers”

I recently finished this pair of bracers for one of my costumes, they came out quite well so I figured I’d share.

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Steampunk Octopus Sculpture

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iPhone Case

You can stop and ask almost anyone on campus and they will probably have an iPhone or a smartphone. Phones are one of the most necessary accessories of our generation, and some people have gotten pretty creative about how they protect and decorate them with cases. While many people choose a more traditional route and pick a case solely for the purpose of protecting their phone from being damaged, there are plenty of crazy cases out there that really show off some personality. Here are just a few of the cutest, craziest, and most creative iPhone cases:

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Victorian Wars – Greg Peltz

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