Daily picks for 25th Nov 2018

Here are our selection for 25th Nov 2018. Enjoy!

Scrap Metal Sculptures by Alan Williams

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Light by Marcel Boonen

Recycling waste of our industrial society is the inspiration of my artwork. All of my sculptures are entirely hand made from recycled scrap metal such as copper, brass and steel . I create art with all kinds of technology and techniques to soften the design despite the roughness and robust properties of the material. Therefore I create art with a respectful atmosphere and sometimes funny or even cynical view of reality. My work emphasizes a balance between the form and function. It blurs the line between utensil and decoration. I’ve created various functional objects such as lamps and clocks who’ve been made from heavy metal scrap into mechanical decoration with an industrial style which I like to call Steampunk Art.

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A small Steampunk gun (named “Little Tinker”)

Made for Ayacon 2011

The spectacular floating ship from Castle in the Sky at The Ghibli Expo, Roppongi Hills Tokyo City!

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Lady Redstone

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