Daily picks for 23rd Oct 2017

Here are our selection for 23rd Oct 2017. Enjoy!

Illustrations by Demizu Posuka

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Scrap metal sculptures by Edouard Martinet

French artist Edouard Martinet transforms metal pieces found at flea markets and car-boot sales into beautiful works of art.

Using a series of common metallic objects, from rusted kitchen pans, to old typewriter keys and car lights, Martinet manages to create intricate sculptures of fish, reptiles and insects. Without any soldering or welding whatsoever, the artist first draws up a few detailed sketches of what he wants to create, then begins a painstaking process of piecing the metal parts together, like a puzzle. As you can imagine, his scrap metal masterpieces take quite a long time to complete, but they are definitely worth the effort.

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Steampunk Alice in Wonderland

In the classic childrens book Alices Adventures in Wonderland, Alice told the hookah-smoking caterpillar that hell one day transform into a butterfly, but she never told him hed go through a steampunk phase first. Introducing: Ignatious Longbottom by the artist Doktor A

Outlandish and innovative, Ignatious Longbottom seen at RiverArt will certainly quench your boredom. Doktor A certainly drove the Turkish vibe from the hookah a bit further with its thick mustache and the fez no, not the foreign kid from That 70s Show on its head.

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