Daily picks for 23rd May 2018

Here are our selection for 23rd May 2018. Enjoy!

Time travel, steampunk and botany inspire Victorian-themed Indian restaurant

A new Indian restaurant and cocktail bar has opened in London with a design that pays tribute to the scientists and botanists of the Victorian era and their explorations in the jungles of India. Walls and shelves of the restaurant are filled with authentic 19th century artefacts evoking adventurous tropical explorations, such as apothecary bottles, microscopes, looking glasses, walking canes, jars of plant specimens and original botanical prints. In addition to its tropical flourishes, the design features examples of Steampunk style and lighting, industrial parts and custom-designed metalwork used by Victorian engineers such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This is juxtaposed with 21st century pop light fittings and luxury suiting fabrics. “Victorian Britain is a fabulous treasure trove of scientific, artistic and literary works,” Chebaane told CLAD. “After reading dozen of books from the 19th century, I edited and condensed them into one narrative arc and developed an aesthetic language to design an experience relevant to today’s youth, while also being inclusive to a more mature audience. The result is a mixture of Victorian fantasy and postmodernist design.”

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USB Drive by Will Rockwell

Whether you’re thinking of globetrotting airships or clockwork pocket computers, steampunk has room for it all ? even for your handy USB stick. Could there be a more stylish way to apply a finish to the finer details of everyday life?

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661 Pneumatic bolt thrower

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SchimmelShop Pen

Designed by Chad Schimmel

Steampunk Star Wars by Bjorn Hurri

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