Daily picks for 20th Oct 2018

Here are our selection for 20th Oct 2018. Enjoy!

Piece by AllNatural Arts

This beautiful piece was designed by Sue Beatrice, from “All Natural Arts”

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the Hermitage’s court cats portraits by Eldar Zakirov

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Capt. Bland’s Steam Powered Clock

There I was minding my own business and doing a light morning work out in my studio. The music perfectly matched my joyful feeling of being alive. I threw open the door and stepped out side to welcome the gorgeous day! Hello Day! Hello World! You are looking mighty spectacular this morning!

I looked down and shouted with joy. An old rusted crescent wrench was sitting there and at that moment I saw the most neat steam driven crescent wrench. Oh how I love the eye’s of inspiration.

I decided that I would share some of the processes in the making of this new artifact from the Captain Bland’s air ship crash site. Enjoy.

The first thing I did was weld the hand guard on. Appropriately rusted re-bar. Cool right? Then I met the first obstacle. It is very difficult to drill into tool steel so all items need to be mounted in another way.

The second pictures show my solution as to how to arrange, measure and place all the items. A 2′ x 6″ board covered with paper. Now I can drill and move and lay out the total project before I have to actually assemble the units to be mounted on to the wrench.

This is just the start but just this much gets me all excited about what will develop. It is like having a ring side seat to creation! Sounds weird? I mean I am the creator and at the same time I am watching it be created. Not really because I have no Idea what will happen next! Now it is sounding weird! But I love it!!

So here is the beginning of a fun artifact creation.

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Steampunk Electronic Pipe

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Steampunk Tendencies

Steampunk Tendencies | Captain Nemo’s Car New Group : Come to share, promote your art, your event, meet new people, crafters, artists, performers… www.facebook.com/…

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