Daily picks for 19th May 2019

Here are our selection for 19th May 2019. Enjoy!

Big Brother 3 House (Canada )

A look inside the Big Brother Canada 3 house

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SchimmelShop Pen

Designed by Chad Schimmel

Awesome LEGO-Steampunk Yacht

I never imagined LEGO and Steampunk actually worked together, but Radiant Kestrels yacht proves they make a deadly combination.

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Steampunk Goggles-Engineer

These goggles have a red base coat with a distressed brass finish and nickel colored extension rings on each eye cup which are secured by brass knurled nuts. A simulated magnifying loupe is mounted to the right eyepiece with gears, coils. brass pieces and brass knurled nuts mounted to each as well. They Include 2- 50 mm clear lenses, 2-50 mm red lenses with etched targeting symbols on one, and an elastic head strap. One of a kind. Thanks for viewing.

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Steampunk gun NERF

Victorian scifi pistol APOCALYPTIC cyber soft darts ZOMBIE

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