Daily picks for 17th Dec 2017

Here are our selection for 17th Dec 2017. Enjoy!

The Absinthe, by Steampunk Hatter

The Absinthe is a Stove piper style hat. it is made using several different leathers and ultra seueds.

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Scrap metal sculptures by Edouard Martinet

Made from scrap metal – beautiful!

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Piece by AllNatural Arts

This beautiful piece was designed by Sue Beatrice, from “All Natural Arts”

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Sculpture by John Lopez

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Petite 3 Cage Industrial Chandelier

This is a beautiful mini chandelier. The diameter is a compact 7 inches and its 12 inches from top ring to bottom. The curve of the cast iron hub and exposed wire loops give this lamp a soft elegant feel. Its a nice contrast to the simple straight lines of the hanging tubular cages. The overall look has a bit of a gothic feel and at the same time its industrial. The patina is black with hints of rust. it takes 3 common and easy to replace tubular bulbs. The small size offers many different design options. Hung from a wall hook it makes an interesting sconce. Group a number of these lamps to make a larger complex chandelier.

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