Daily picks for 13th Jun 2019

Here are our selection for 13th Jun 2019. Enjoy!

Table Clock

Love rocking these

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Victorian Wars – Greg Peltz

I don’t update this blog thing as much as I should, but I had to throw this up. I finished Bioshock Infinite recently and it was an instant favorite…had to make a tribute that summed up how I felt about such an incredible game.

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Steampunk Pen

Steampunk pen from Penscapes. Its made from carbon fiber, stainless steel, silver, brass, and acrylic. It includes a 14k gold nib manufactured by Bock in Germany, available in fine, medium, or broad. It contains a cartridge/converter filling system

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Steampunk Cardboard Clocks

Steampunk Watch Part Sculptures by Sue Beatrice watches steampunk sculpture recyling assemblage

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