Daily picks for 11th Mar 2018

Here are our selection for 11th Mar 2018. Enjoy!

Antique 1915 Case Tractor Radiator Floor Lamp

Antique 1915 CASE TRACTOR radiator floor lamp, by the Machine Age Lamp company

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Supersonic Steam Gun

by flosvensson @ devianArt

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Steampunk Iron Man

Prince Armory, the same team behind that awesome fantasy Darth Vader costume from earlier in the year, has gone a little crazy with this Iron Man outfit. Tony Stark is now Leather Man.

This incredible costume is Asgardian by design, apparently. If we can cut down on the number of Marvel movies and just roll Iron Man into Thor like this, that might save us all some time!

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Maria Mikheeva

Stuff that happens to be done by Zeldalina on DeviantART among other things.

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