Daily picks for 11th Dec 2017

Here are our selection for 11th Dec 2017. Enjoy!

The Vaporiser

Holy smokes! Trip the trigger on The Vaporiser and watch the valve-fed chamber send out a continuous zap of energy toward your target. Within the blink of your safety-goggled eye, solid matter is transformed into a gaseous state of vapor with no lingering scent. Every type of obstacle, from oversized boulders blocking your passage to poisonous serpents at your feet, will be instantly obliterated!

Precautions should be minded when taking this gun out for a spin. Although the overall image is tough, the intricate construction is made from hand-painted resin, rendering it a tad delicate. Rough treatment may just cause the gun to become cracked, chipped or otherwise scarred in some unsightly way. Dont think youre a little slow on the uptake when you set aim on something, this is a faux firearm and all gauges, gears and such are strictly decorative. A cast resin display stand is included for display.

Imported. The Vaporiser measures approximately 7″ tall x 2″ wide x 9 1/2″ Long

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Illustrations by Amberly Berendson

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Doug Sr. Home Library

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Aurea Mediocritas

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USB Drive by Derrick Culligan

All the copper and brass parts have either been reclaimed or purchased from locally owned hardware stores. Do-it-yourselfers take note of this tip: “The antique look of this drive is achieved by polishing but not treating it, thus letting a natural patina develop,” artist Jumpei Funaki reveals. – See more at: http://1800recycling.com/2011/05/incredible-recycling-steampunk-usb-flash-drives#sthash.OPf7umA6.dpuf

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