Daily picks for 10th Oct 2019

Here are our selection for 10th Oct 2019. Enjoy!

Lantern Clock by hellboy

Hello All

here is my first Instructable, Its a beautiful Nixie Lantern clock, A little steam punk and a bit Victorian, made up of mostly of found components

I tend to communicate better when there is something to show so please look at the images and tags, they sometimes will hold more info than the body of text.

Here is a parts list….

-large slab of walnut 2″ thick by 36″ long and 12″ wide

-large slab of maple 1.5″ thick by 30″ long and 12″ wide, both found on eBay

-2″ diameter clear acrylic tubing .125″ wall about 12″ long, any plastic store and eBay.

-an assortment of gears and gauge faces / bezels, knobs and metal bits,

– A nixie kit, I highly recommend a seller on ebay who goes under the name…petes_kits, here is a link… petes_kits, http://shop.ebay.com/petes_kits/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562

he has to my knowledge the only nixie prototypers board out there that gives the experimenter options of screw terminals, solder pads and designated nixie patterned mounts for leads, not to mention he always answers and is there to help you out.

-you will need some basic electronic skills

-a multimeter with a continuity function (prefer an audible function).

-3 Blue leds

-A mill and lathe for custom parts, machining skills are very helpful

-lots of brass and aluminum

-all sorts of hardware and locktite

-12 conductor 28AWG ribbon cable

-9VAC transformer, wall wart

-assortment of gears, shafts and collars

and finally… lots of imagination…..

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Locked In Time

A lovely costume piece, made out of thousands of beads, cogs, keys, and other upcycled parts.

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Steampunk corset lamp

Large steampunk corset lamp

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Steampunk Gun Tutorial: How to Paint Your Own

The first step to painting your steampunk gun is to choose a base color. For this step especially, I suggest that you find a clean, flat workspace to use. (I did most of this project in my bed while watching Netflix. There is definitely some paint on my sheets.) There are base acrylic paints available, or you can use a simple plain black or white. Due to the chance of spots showing through the layers of paint, I chose to use black as my base color.Once you choose your color, use a medium paintbrush (I used one with bristles about an inch across) to paint the entire exterior of the gun that color. Using a medium sized brush allows you to get the job done quickly, but also gives you more control over where the paint goes. Additionally, you will want to paint any interior areas of the gun that might show through when the gun is completely put back together. You can either paint these areas black, or paint them to match the color that area is on the guns exterior. I chose to paint the edges of the interior to match the exterior, just in case they show through at all.

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Maria Mikheeva

Stuff that happens to be done by Zeldalina on DeviantART among other things.

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