Book Review: The Queen of England: Grand Tour, by Courtney Brandt

There’s a surprising readability to be found in this wish fulfillment fantasy for any teen girl reader, or any reader really, who might vicariously want to be a teen a girl. Who is Queen. And wields Excalibur. And talks to unicorns sometimes. You probably already know if you’re capable of enjoying this type of classical Victorian steampunk romance fantasy or not. But just for the sake of a fair review, let’s break it down anyway.

Grand Tour is actually Book II in this series by Brandt available on Amazon (Book III is on the way), but I didn’t feel restrained in any way by missing Book I. Everything you might need to know is included within the text. The famous teen Queen Victoria—you know, from the Victorian era—was killed last time and replaced by… another teen queen, this time named Juliette. I don’t understand the merit of replacing one teen queen with another except to avoid all the historical research, but as far as I can tell Juliette is no different than how I’ve seen Victoria portrayed in any number of adaptations dealing with her youthful monarchy. Nonetheless, Juliette is descended from King Arthur so that’s why she carries Excalibur everywhere with her and occasionally talks to it. But that’s all backstory. What’s young Juliette up to this time? Under the guise of husband-hunting, she boards her airship on a tour across Europe to investigate the New World Order (a secret society that wants to rule England or Europe or something which may or may not be run by [SPOILER REDACTED]), but things go horribly wrong right from their first stop in France. This is our premise.

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Daily picks for 30th Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 30th Aug 2018. Enjoy!

Steampunk gun with leather holster and leg strap

Great looking steampunk gun with just loops through your belt great for comic-con looks like Firefly

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Locked In Time

A lovely costume piece, made out of thousands of beads, cogs, keys, and other upcycled parts.

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I-Lin Wu

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Car parts and recycled objects

Steampunk Biro Pen

Created from wood from all over the world – whitest hollywood, african blackwood, bloodwood, pink ivory, mahagony etc

Designed by Absynthe Design

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Daily picks for 29th Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 29th Aug 2018. Enjoy!

Hub cap animals – Dragon

Ptolemy Elrington spends his time collecting hub caps lost on the streets of Britain, and transforming them into impressive-looking animal sculptures.

To prove that one persons junk is another mans treasure, 43-year-old Ptolemy Elrington has chosen to use reclaimed materials, like hub caps, as the main medium of his art. After finishing college, the Bradford-based sculptor lived close to a sharp curve where cars would often lose their hub caps. He began collecting them from the roadside ditch, and planned to turn them all into an original suit of armor, but noticing they had a marine look about them, he decided to mold them into fish.

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The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading

The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 1887 designed by Rafael da Silva and Castro – Marcelo Nacinovic. Photos : Aaron Leiby

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Steampunk Saloon

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

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Model : Natalia Filvarova – Photographer : Galia Jelnova

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Steampunk Animal by James Corbett

Steampunk Animals by James Corbett, The Car Part Sculptor

James Corbett takes used card parts and, using them like pieces in a puzzle, creates amazing steampunk sculptures.

Corbett showed artistic talent ever since he was a little boy. Colleagues at his Redcliff school would always tell him hed grow up to be an artist. But, at 36 years old James was running a motor wrecking business. Thats when he started welding together a bunch of car parts and awakened the dormant talent inside. In just 18 months he closed his wrecking business and became a full-time artist.

James Corbet says he makes these original sculptures because he can and it would be a shame to waste his God-given talent. The Car Part Sculptor has exhibited his works in galleries all across the world.

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Daily picks for 28th Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 28th Aug 2018. Enjoy!

Steampunk modded buzz bee tek-3

steampunk Book self

The Braxtonian Lamp

Both artifacts are handcrafted by the enviably skilled Joshua Kinsey. I just checked and did not find him as a featured artist in The Art of Steampunk. I consider this a case of gross oversight, I have to say!

It really is rather amazing he was not featured in this book

Oh, and here is the personal favourite of Mr. Kinsey, The Braxtonian Lamp:

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Typewriter Lamp

by Absynthe Design

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Collectible Steampunk Teddy Bears By Elena Kamatskaya

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Daily picks for 26th Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 26th Aug 2018. Enjoy!

beautiful angle

steampunkjunkiesSuch a beautiful angle! [Saved from what-the-hell-is-

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Steampunk Engineer Goggles- Valkyrie

This is a pair of steampunk engineer goggles which have a medium blue base coat and are highlighted with a metallic silver finish. They have been painted and sealed with a flat sealer. They also have pewter colored extension rings that are highlighted with aluminum sand-offs. Each eye piece is decorated with a distressed silver finished metal wing and gears which are mounted to the sides with chrome acorn nuts. Hexagonal stand-offs are also mounted on each side . They include 2-50 mm poly carbonate clear lenses, 2-50 mm shade 3 green lenses, and an elastic adjustable head band. The lenses are removable and interchangeable. One of a kind. Thanks for browsing.

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Steampunk furniture made from reclaimed plumbing pipes

You can imagine our glee when we found out about Axel Ybergs steampunk-inspired range of designer furniture. Constructed from mostly reclaimed iron steam fittings and plumbing pipes, these futuristic pieces have a mishmash of live-edge wood, steel-framed reclaimed timber, cast cement and glass that make them cooler than any furniture weve seen for quite a while.

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Antique Bronze Pocket Watch

1882’s Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch with Pocket Watch Chain

The “Reliquary” Keyboard

The Reliquary is a PC keyboard housed in an ornate, brass-banded wooden box with a removable beveled, stained-glass lid and a fold-down front panel revealing a padded wrist rest.

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Daily picks for 25th Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 25th Aug 2018. Enjoy!


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Metal fire breathing dragon at Disney World

Not a fan, but if she can heat things up a bit, she’s welcome to stay

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Steampunk AK (working)

This gun was created by Rogue Gunn Works which is an unusual gun shop that is very eclectic with a feel of steampunk meets mad max with a bit of class being put into it!

It is an actual real and working AK and when the clock is put into the magwell when you shoot it goes forward in time. It has bells and also lights that work on it and it is fully convertible too.some of the fixtures can be removed and others added on for different looks. it is a 7 color cerakote combination as well and it has real brass that has been melted and welded onto the rifle

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Daily picks for 23rd Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 23rd Aug 2018. Enjoy!

Archangels – Steampunk Angel Acoustic ~Johnny

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Steampunk Girl with Pink Hair

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the Hermitage’s court cats portraits by Eldar Zakirov

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Tesla Pistol Steampunk Pistol Prop Weapon

by TemporalOutfitters

ministry of peculiar occurrences

ministry of peculiar occurrences: A good mechanic is always a little dirty

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Daily picks for 22nd Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 22nd Aug 2018. Enjoy!

steampunk Giant mechanical elephant

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Steampunk designed Pub Joben” Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Scrap metal sculptures by Edouard Martinet

Made from scrap metal – beautiful! French artist Edouard Martinet transforms metal pieces found at flea markets and car-boot sales into beautiful works of art.

Using a series of common metallic objects, from rusted kitchen pans, to old typewriter keys and car lights, Martinet manages to create intricate sculptures of fish, reptiles and insects. Without any soldering or welding whatsoever, the artist first draws up a few detailed sketches of what he wants to create, then begins a painstaking process of piecing the metal parts together, like a puzzle. As you can imagine, his scrap metal masterpieces take quite a long time to complete, but they are definitely worth the effort.

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Furniture Living Room Benches

Reclaimed Wood Bench with Industrial Cast Iron Legs . Bench in picture is 84in x 15in, 18in tall. Color and size are customizable. Bench may not be exactly as pictured due to the variation in materials used.

Please contact us for shipping cost.

If shipped, some assembly will be required.

All items come branded with the J&S logo, please let us know before hand if you do not want the branding as it is hard to remove.

Item may not look exactly like the picture as no two pieces of reclaimed wood are exactly the same.

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Daily picks for 21st Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 21st Aug 2018. Enjoy!

Leather Top Hat

Leather Top Hat

READY TO SHIP, tracking number provided.

Get a FREE LEATHER BRACELET with this purchase:

Hand crafted leather top hat made to be some of the best available

All genuine leather, durable, carefully crafted, hand stitched and riveted

Top shelf leather was used to create this hat and extended experience in leather working along with quality craftsmanship guarantee an unique product that will last for a long time in great condition weather the item is used or displayed.

Display box, goggles and plague doctor mask not included.

Leave message for more details.

please click for updated models and even more pictures

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Dmytriy and Aleksandra Bragin Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Wood stove

I am not sure if I will be using this in the house I am designing but the stove did need a few things. I made another brass bucket for the coal it uses and a much smaller copper teapot to go on the back burner today. Now I must make a coal shovel for it.

This was once the plastic the Chrysnbon parlor stove. It was in my very first post. I thought it was sort of sad looking in plastic. The kit it had lots of bright silvery “nickel” parts. I thought about casting those pieces in nickel silver for a duller look but decided against it.

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STEAMPUNK GOGGLES Victorian Goggles Steam Punk Eyeglasses Glasses Specs Spectacles Googles Aviator Goggle Top Hat Goggles Post Apocalyptic

A handmade SteamPunk Goggles Victorian Goggles Steam Punk Eyeglasses stylized old bronze.

Made of genuine leather embossed reptile. Decorated with brass cap nuts. Eyepieces made of aluminum alloy. Eyepieces contain fishnet items. Genuine leather embossed reptile stylized old bronze acrylic paints. Each eyepiece has 7 cap nuts. To be worn on a hat, top hat or head. Size adjustable strap with a buckle and D-rings stylized under the old bronze.

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Steampunk Clock

Steampunk Clock. And he has a steampunk blog (In Spanish but lots of pics)

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Daily picks for 20th Aug 2018

Here are our selection for 20th Aug 2018. Enjoy!

Industrial steel coffee table by intuitiveiron

Top Hat, Top Hat Victory, Man Woman Tophat, Man Woman Top Hat, Mad Hatter Hat, Alice in Wonderland Hat, Steam Punk Top Hat, Tophat Steampunk

Handcrafted Top Hat Victorian style with gold color rivets.

Basis poligraphic cardboard and fabric.

Size 56-57 cm.

Other sizes to suit your requirements.

Ideal for Burning Man Festival. Bright golden rivets decoration.

Strong, easy to wear hat. Allow to realize your wildest ideas.

Shipping from Russia with love via Russian Post AirMail, EMS or UPS.

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Bird in Flight

Art by @JeremyMaye (Twitter)

Steampunk Herbie ~ Airbrush Bathory

Steampunk necklace with Swarovski Crystals

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