1950’s Italian Olivetti Typewriter with Hindi script

A 1950’s Italian Olivetti Typewriter specially made for India with Hindi script.

The inspiration is from Indian Royal era. If an Indian Maharaja had a typewriter… 🙂 The Imperial Illuminator is a dictation taking machine. It types out when something is spoken to it..

Again, made from recycled parts including Edison blubs, elegant watch pieces, pipping,

You can really appreciate the workmanship that has gone into this piece, by looking at what a standard version looked like!

1950's Italian Olivetti Typewriter Original

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Steampunk Gameboy

I’m always in awe, when people turn such a mundane thing as a Gameboy, into such a thing of beauty! While still retaining the ability to be played, it has now been retrofitted to make it look AWESOME! Here is how the original looks:

Nintendo Gameboy Colors

..and after:


I remember when a child, how much I wanted one of these things… but had I seen Abhisek’s one, I think I would have been the envy of the street … no wait … village, if I had owned it!

There isn’t a huge amount more to say on this item – apart from the fact, you can’t buy it! If you would really like one, I’m afraid you will have to commission one yourself! You can find out more from his site. So, all that remains is to show you some more lovely pictures of the Gameboy, for you to look at in awe 🙂