1926 Imperial “The good companion” typewriter lamp

Today we are going to review a “Typewriter Light” that was created by Absynthe Designs.It was created using  a 1926 Imperial “The good companion” typewriter:Imperial Good Companion

As you can see, its quite a nice looking typewriter – before any work has even begun!

The next stage is to add all the decorations. This was done using recycled parts from a fridge, gas valves, antique pocket watch parts, and then the crowning piece – a miniature gramophone!

The lovely wooden platform it sits on, is made from recycled old furniture.

The lights are Edison bulbs. Teflon coated concealed wiring, Cloth covered  external wire.

Although this piece is not for sale – we thought you would appreciate it. If you like this kind of piece, or would like to commission something yourself – please check out his site: http://absynthedesign.com/